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Mark Dunn is a full time touring guitarist with regional and national acts but is now headlining shows. Loved by audiences across Virginia and the mid Atlantic region, Mark is a master of the six-string and shows you why he is in demand onstage and in the studio.  He is a CMA Award nominee for Touring Musician of the year 2014, and 2008 Georgia Musician of the Year, awarded by his musical peers in that state.  His voice and talent keeps Rock and Roll alive... Check out his calendar and come enjoy the sound of Mark Dunn. He’s a performer, singer, and artist. If you are scheduling an event... Book Mark Dunn and his band.

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Licks, Lyrics & Lovers

Mark Dunn

With the release of the album Licks, Lyrics and Lovers, Mark Dunn is finally stepping out with his own music and his own sound. That is evident on the third cut “Nice and Easy”, where real sonic beauty flows from Dunn’s fingertips, showcasing the depths and range of what an electric guitar can do in the right hands.

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Check Mark Dunn’s solo acoustic, duo acoustic and electric trio shows, that are cover band centric, spanning all genres and decades.  From The Mark Dunn Band, the Gallows, Duo Mark & Jess, SL4 to Damn Straight, you will truly enjoy Mark’s musical talent.

Latest News

Would you like to know what Mark has been working on?  Check out the latest news below: